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Annual Events in AlnmouthBack to top

Alnmouth Arts Festival

2015 photos  2014 photos
2013 photos  2012 photos
2011 photos
   2010 photos

2016: June 18, 19

Alnmouth Church Summer Fete
August Bank Holiday Monday

Volcano Night
Alnmouth Beach
Lorna Ternent, 01665 830 444

2016: TBA

Alnmouth Raft Race
Sun Inn, 01665 830 983

2015 photos; 2014 photos
2013 photos 2012 photos
2011 photos  2010 photos

2016: August 20

Alnmouth Christmas Lights
2016: TBA

Alnmouth Show
2014 Show 2013 Show

Art in AlnmouthBack to top

Helen Stuart

The Old School Gallery

The Riverside Studio

Barbara Aitchison
Local Photography

Chapel Art Group
Old Methodist Chapel
Thursday Mornings

Alnmouth Camera Club
Meet in Village Golf Club
Second Tuesday of each month
Terry Collinson 01665 830 228

Local and Natural History of AlnmouthBack to top

A History of Alnmouth

A schooner from the London run?

Wrecked on Marden Rocks (in 1928)

Alnmouth Local History Group
Adrian Osler (01665 830 112)

The Ferryman's Hut.

Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Memories of Alnmouth

Around Alnmouth

Alnmouth on Amazon

Alnmouth Flood Plain

The Old Methodist Chapel, Alnmouth
(now a private residence)

Alnmouth to Alnwick Branch Line past
and future?

Alnmouth in the County Council Archives

Alnmouth Marsh

Site of Special Scientific Interest

Buston Links

Cups and Rings in Alnmouth
Alnmouth at War Some Alnmouth Dates to remember Alnmouth the European Marine Site
Sport and Activities in AlnmouthBack to top

Update of Alnmouth Organisations and Activities

Alnmouth and Lesbury Cricket Club

River Aln Boat Club

Dinghy Racing on alternate Sunday afternoons at High Tide
George Ternent 01665 830 444

Alnmouth Golf Club (Foxton)

Alnmouth Village Golf Club

The Coastal Run from Beadnell to Alnmouth
2016: TBA

Alnmouth Walks.

Alnmouth Youth Club; Ages 8 - 12
Fridays; 17:00 - 18:30
Old Methodist Chapel

Exercise Movement & Dance for 50+
Wednesdays in Hindmarsh Hall
Emma Dunn 01665 833 780

Alnmouth Football Club

Barn Dances
Hindmarsh Hall 19:30
Next season dates to be announced.
Alistair Sinton 01665 830 784

Claire Lang (01665 581 434)
Angling in Alnmouth

Boat Fishing in Alnmouth Bay

Game fishing

Hardy Fishing in Alnwick

Alnmouth Badminton Club

Alnmouth Homing Society
Trevor Shell 01670 761 055

Alnmouth Community Rowing Association

Activities in Lesbury and Hipsburn

Religion in AlnmouthBack to top

Aln and Coastland Parishes

Bridge Magazine
Mrs Norma Wilmott (01665 577 456)

St. John's Anglican Church, Alnmouth

(Tel: 01665 830 281)
A History of the Church

The Alnmouth Cross Shaft

Alnmouth War Memorial

Franciscan Friary, Alnmouth

(Tel: 01665 830 213)

St. Oswald's Way
Other Organisations in AlnmouthBack to top

Friendly Neets

Hipsburn First School

Alnmouth Parish Council

Parish Council Minutes (2003 - 2008)

Newsletters (2009 - )

Alnmouth Burgage Holders

Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Hindmarsh Hall
The centre for many of the Village Activities

Alnmouth Autumn Club
Second Tuesday of each month
Hindmarsh Hall
Alistair Sinton 01665 830 784

Alnmouth Women's Institute

Western Front Association